History and company profile

The founder
Klaus Eilbrecht was born on 30.05.1956 in Duisburg/Germany. After he had finished school in 1974 he got employed as a decks boy by Deutsche Dampfschiffahrtsgesellschaft “Hansa” AG in Bremen where he worked until 1981. Following his completed education at navigation school in Leer he worked for three years as a 2nd Officer for a shipping company in Hamburg. In 1984 he acquired his deep sea license. In 1991 Captain Klaus Eilbrecht became a pilot for the river Ems and in the year 1996 also for the port of Emden.

The beginning
The history of Reederei Eilbrecht GmbH & Co. KG in fact begins with the foundation of a shipping company named "Eilbrecht & Janssen KG" in 1985. This company was based in Leer, partners and founders were Klaus Eilbrecht and Folkmar Janssen. "Eilbrecht & Janssen KG" bought the newbuilt general cargo vessel M/V "Jan-Willem" which was put into service in May 1986. The vessel was commanded by Mr Eilbrecht himself for the first five years. The vessel mainly transported steel products of every kind, grain, fertilizers and heavy lift within the area between Archangelsk/Russia and Northern Africa.

Reederei Eilbrecht
In 1990 Folkmar Janssen resigned from the company and in 1991 the company relocated it’s office from Leer to Emden. There Klaus Eilbrecht changed the company’s name into ’Reederei Eilbrecht GmbH & Co. KG’ and took over the shipping operations for M/V „Jan-Willem“.  In this year the 1984 built second hand vessel “Elke” was bought. Only one year later, in 1992, the general cargo vessel “Heike” became part of the Eilbrecht fleet. Like already M/V “Jan-Willem” before, both “Heike” and “Elke” transported their cargo mainly within European waters.

In 1997 Reederei Eilbrecht GmbH & Co. KG took over M/V „Westerems“, a general
cargo vessel with a dead weight
of 2.350 t.

Three years later, in 2000, M/V “Tomke” was added to the fleet. That newbuilt vessel had a dead weight of 3.200 t, was therewith larger than it’s predecessor. Furthermore “Tomke” has ultimate german iceclass E3. This ship offered the biggest capacity within the Eilbrecht fleet until then.

Up to the year 2003, when the newbuildings “Caribbean Sina” and “Rio Para” were put into service. These container vessels, built by Qingshan Shipyard in China, had a dead weight of each 5.530 t. With these ships the trading area of Reederei Eilbrecht GmbH & Co. KG enlarged heavily. While “Caribbean Sina” shuttled between China and Japan, it’s sister ship “Rio Para” traded
the Caribbean.

In 2006 the fleet again grew by one new entrant:
M/V “Osterems”, a 1999 built second hand general cargo vessel with a deadweight of nearly 3.800 t was taken over. This ship has iceclass 1 A, the highest available Finnish iceclass. Today it is mainly employed with timber transport.

At the beginning of 2007 MV “Ems” was taken over. This second hand general cargo vessel was launched in 200it’s deadweight of more than 6.000 t it is momentarily the largest vessel of the Eilbrecht fleet.

Towards the middle of 2007 the 1998 built multi purpose vessel MV “Calypso” with a deadweight of almost 5.000 t became a member of the fleet. This vessel is employed within line services in the Caribbean.

In Spring 2008 Reederei Eilbrecht started managing the general-cargo-vessel M/V "Donau". Thisvesselwhich was built in 2005 in TheNetherlands has a deadweight of 6.000 t just likeit`ssistership M/V "Ems".

Nowadays Reederei Eilbrecht GmbH & Co. KG manges several ships. On legal grounds the vessels are in so called `single-vessel-corporations`with the legal form `GmbH & Co. KG`. Staff At the moment the company employs nine shore based staff members. The mixture of highly qualified shore based staff and well-trained, skillful seamen enables Reederei Eilbrecht to maintain a brilliant condition of the managed ships and to employ them in an economic way. Still today the general cargo vessels basically travel European waters. Within the scope of firm charter party contracts the container vessels sail Central America and the Caribbean.

Business objectives
Economic aim of Reederei Eilbrecht GmbH & Co. KG is to advance its market position and to safeguard the existence of the company in the long run. We go for being competitive to be able to offer market driven services.